National Cannabinoid Clinics

National Cannabinoid Clinics

National Cannabinoid ClinicsNational Cannabinoid ClinicsNational Cannabinoid Clinics

Telehealth or in-clinic consultations to help evaluate options, including Medical Cannabis, when conventional therapies have failed. Free pre-screening.




If you are suffering from chronic conditions and have tried conventional therapies, our highly qualified doctors will assess you and determine the option that is right for you. Please contact us to make an appointment.



Given that the therapies that we use are relatively new in Australia, a lot of physicians might not be familiarized with the pathways/ tools needed to put these into practice. We can work with you to facilitate education modules that will help develop your understanding of cannabinoid science. 

If you would prefer to refer your patient to us, our team will maintain an open communication with you and will provide all the details in regards to the wellbeing of your patient.  Contact us for more information.



If you are a health care practitioner and would like to be part of our NCC community, please subscribe with us. We will share the latest researches and news and organize exclusive catch ups to discuss cannabinoid science.